What is the BC Factor®?

          The BC Factor® is one of multiple elements of Business Consciousness® that distinguish our business experience, business choice, and performance from others. It is the second-step process in raising consciousness following the system described in Business Consciousness®.

          The individual awareness within the each of us that fuels personal growth, business growth, and social change, that is Consciousness. Business Consciousness® then is also the same except it applies to the work we perform. Whether we are self employed, an employee, a customer, a vendor or a service provider, Business Consciousness® is affected by the individual consciousness of each one of us and how we relate to each other and our environment.

          When we choose where we want to experience personal growth, there is more satisfaction and happiness. As we make progress in our life by making better choices, we are able to create a life we love. Through growth in our consciousness we learn we want to contribute to make the world a better place for all. When we arrive at this awareness, we must then discover which pathways will create this reality for us. We discover how to gain the greatest satisfaction while benefiting society in the work we are performing.

          We can chart the growth in our business, as a result of greater Business Consciousness®. BC Factor®, Pathways to Greater Happiness through Business Consciousness®, will be available in Spring, 2022.

          For a more extensive individualized review and engagement, Divya is available to offer you her services by personal consultation on the BC Factor®. Please go to our Contact page to request information.

BC Factors